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Save your time using Claim Expenses


Simple layout to enjoy while creating your claims.

Cloud based

Access your claims anywhere and anytime.


User authentication required to view/create/send claims.


Take or choose any picture to attach to your expense when claiming.

Full control

All the settings are available to the user based on switch on/off.


Always looking for new features and better user experience.


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Start creating employers and invite them to use the app.


Enjoy your time

After using our app you don't need to worry about spreadsheets anymore.

Powerfull & Secure Portal

Admin portal create to fully track your claims, allowing you to check on statuses and attachments.

When we mention, access anywhere and anytme, it's true, the admin portal can also access from any device, either a computer, tablet or phone. It's 100% flexible to the display you want to use. Does not required you to use any specific plataform like Windows, OS or Linux as it's a web based application.

Use the freedon to keep tracking your claims and follow their progress.

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New Features

We're always looking for features that we can add so you can have a better experience and the app a better performance.

We plan to do new enhancements in the app, and for that we need your help! When it's possible, please, always send a feed back to us so we can improve your experience using the app.

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